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Through the camera lens my esthetic is to explore beauty, however it may be defined. Following the great impressionist Monet, I too fascinated with how the changing light affects and transforms the subject matter. The most exciting part of the fashion photography is to create a glamorous dream world with dynamically changing color, form and design.

My inspiration is the New Yorker Annie Leibovitz and our own Hungarian Andre Kertész. Like them, I want every frame to tell a story. I focus on the strengths of my subjects and often place them into composition in such a way to bring out their personalities and their individual idiosyncrasies. Using eihter background props or the actual clothing and of course the pose I can convey a certain mood, theme or impression.

What I strive to achieve is a perfect composition.


The studio operates with female professionals: photographer, stylist, hair-stylist and make-up artist.

Our services: makeover photography, fashion photography, advertising and event photography, make up and style consulting.


Médiaunió – “Nincs De” campaign
Fair Play campaign (MOB)

Marie Claire
Humen Magazine
Star Magazine
Le Cool Magazine
Best Magazine

Péter Márta: Frenak & Compagnie Pal Frenak


Image Models, All Casting,
Number One Models, ARTISTA, Le Corset, Absolute Models

EON Energy Day,
Pfizer Health Award

Stylistology – Ötkert, Budapest, Hungary 2010 
KALEIDOSCOPE - the Door, Dallas USA 2013


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