Fashion photography is all about capturing beauty, style, and personality, and what better way to do it than in the great outdoors? Today I did a magical fashion shoot in the park with the stunning model named Tyler who looked like the young Elizabeth Taylor. 


The first step in any fashion shoot is to plan the concept, the clothing, and the location. For this shoot, we decided to go for a classic, elegant look inspired by the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. We chose a vintage-style white dress with a fitted waist and a full skirt. The location was a beautiful park with lush greenery, which provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot.


As we arrived at the park, we scouted out the best spots for photos. We looked for areas with good lighting, interesting textures, and beautiful scenery. We also made sure to avoid any distracting elements in the background.


Once we had found our locations, it was time to start shooting. Tyler was a amazing in front of the camera, with her striking features and graceful movements. We experimented with different poses and angles, making sure to highlight the dress. We also played with the lighting, using the sun's rays to create shadows and highlights that added depth and drama to the images.


One of the most important things in fashion photography is to make the model feel comfortable and confident. As a photographer, it's essential to give clear directions and offer positive feedback. Taylor was a blessing to work with, and her confidence and grace shone through in every shot.


After a couple of hours of shooting, we had captured some stunning images that perfectly captured the beauty and elegance of our model and the park setting. 


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